Setting up Android Studio Emulator.

3 min readApr 12, 2021

Recently I have built and released my first application on Google Play Store. During development I tested my App on Android Emulator. This is a detailed tutorial on how to install it and set it up .
What is Android Emulator? The Android Emulator simulates Android devices on your computer so that you can test your application during development.

How to install Android Emulator?
Android Emulator is a part of Android Studio (the official development environment, designed specifically for Android development).

  1. Download the Android studio from
  2. After downloading completed, click on executable file (the one you have just downloaded) and it will start an installation process. During the installation you are gonna be asked to choose the location folder, select components and more. Don’t change any default setting, leave everything as it is and keep clicking on NEXT until installation is completed. Click on FINISH button.
  3. Android Studio will open automatically and ask you to chose the Theme and the type of set up (chose Standard). Then you will see the list of the libraries that has to be downloaded, click on FINISH and downloading starts.
  4. Once it is done you will see the Android Studio window.

5. Click on Configure and chose SDK Manger.

6. Select Android 11 (the latest version) and click on Show Package Details (on bottom right) and select the following components that need to be installed. Click on Apply.

7. Go to SDK Tools tab and make sure the following tools are marked. Click on Apply.

9. Now we have to create a virtual device. Open AVD manger by clicking on Configure button.

10. You will see following window (I have already created a device earlier, so you can see it). Click on Create Virtual Device.

11. Choose any device you would like to test your App on and click on NEXT.

12. You gonna need to download the latest Release. (On the following picture I have already downloaded it).

13. Once it is done you can run your virtual device by clicking on Run button.

If emulator was opened, congratulation, your set up is correct.